Some Recent Talks (with slides and code)

I’ve given quite a few talks over the last couple of months and at each and every one I promised to post my content shortly afterwards here on my blog.

However, due to some extreme laziness early on coupled with a crazy schedule and some unfortunate (but thankfully temporary) health problems more recently, I’ve failed to live up to those promises. Sorry guys, here’s the slides and code I promised. Better late than never, right?

How you can get started with F# today

I gave this talk at the local .NET meeting the monday night of the MVP Summit.  It’s a short (15 minutes) one-two punch of why you might care about F# and where you can find out more.  Very well received.

Getting the MVVM Kicked Out of Your F#’n Monads

This presentation is from the most recent NYC Code Camp. The title started out as a joke with Steve Bohlen, mentioning on twitter that all the submitted talks had to do with MVVM. I wasn’t really going to do it, but when he said he’d automatically accept something with such a title, I decided to use it as a chance to explain computation expressions to a room full of people new to F#. It actually went really well considering, the post-talk reviews were fantastic.

Fun and Games in F#

My MVP2MVP talk from the MVP summit’s very first F# track. It’s a meta-talk about how to give a good F# talk, and how to build a stronger F# community.

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  1. Hi,

    Weighted Quick-Union with Path Compression on F# Snippets has an error. The “sz” array is always filled with zerros.

  2. Maybe this version is correctly?
    member t.unite(p, q) =
    let i = root(p)
    let j = root(q)
    if sz.[i] < sz.[j] then
    id.[i] <- j; sz.[j] sz.[j] then
    id.[j] <- i; sz.[i] <- sz.[i] + sz.[j]
    id.[i] <- j; sz.[j] <- sz.[j] + 1

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