The Language Matters on the Software Engineering Productivity Podcast

Actually, I used my phone.

In this episode, Richard Minerich tells why the language developers use can have a huge impact on their productivity. New high level languages, like F# (one of Richard’s favourite languages), free engineers from much of the traditional drudgery leading to faster development cycles and better quality.”

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Michael Surkan’s Software Engineering Productivity podcast.  The topic: why language choice matters in software engineering.  Michael contacted me to join him on his show after many pages of heated debate on a topic I started in his Linked-in group of the same name.  It seems many still feel that language choice has little impact as long as it meets the basic project requirements.  I disagree.

Listening to it afterward, I think I did quite a good job of getting most of the many ‘whys’ across.  Not bad for 20 minutes.

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