NYC Progressive F# Tutorials 2012 in Retrospect

It was the best of times, it was the… Actually, it was all just fantastic.

On the beginner track Chris Marinos, Phil Trelford, and Tomas Petricek worked tirelessly in teaching F#. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of their tutorials and would recommend seeking any of them out if you wish to become more proficient in F#. By the time we got to the contest at the end almost everyone was ready to compete with just a little help getting started.

On the advanced track attendees made type providers with Keith Battocchi, learned to use Adam Mlocek’s fantastic numerical computing library FCore (you can’t get any closer to Matlab syntax), and got some hands on time with the Microsoft Cloud Numerics team. Paulmichael Blasucci ran the contest on that side and noted that few had trouble and that the competition was just brutal.

On both sides the rooms were almost always packed and I didn’t hear a single complaint about the quality of the tutorials or speakers. Everyone was just thrilled to be there and stayed focused on learning the entire time. I’ve seen few conferences that kept the attendees so enthralled. Kudos to everyone involved for making such a great event happen.

Now, on to the links and materials (they’ll be updated as they come in).

Event Photos are up on Facebook!

Beginner Track:
– Chris Marinos’s F# Koans
– Phillip Trelford’s Writeup on Day 1 and Day 2

Advanced Track:
– Keith Battocchi’s Type Provider Tutorial Code and Slides/Docs
– Adam Mlocek and Tomas Petricek’s FCore Slides and Code
– Roope Astala’s Cloud Numerics Tutorial Slides and Tutorial Examples

Both Tracks:
I’m planning a Silverlight release of the contest code with the contestant sample AI in an upcoming blog post. For now, you can find the code in its github repo.

Social Media:
Chris Marinos’s Blog and Twitter
Phil Trelford’s Blog and Twitter
Tomas Petrice’s Blog and Twitter
Don Syme’s Blog and Twitter
The Cloud Numerics Blog
SkillsMatter on Twitter

Going Further:
F# Training in London and NY
FCore Library

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